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Texecom Connect

Texecom Connect is an exciting new possibility for Texecom Security Systems. With Texecom Connect everything changes. Texecom Connect will allow you to be able to control all of your security systems together instead of them being separated and isolated from each other.

With an ever developing security world, it is important to stay up to date and be at the forfront in creating world class secuirty systems. Texecom connect is a new revolutionary way of home security which allows you to control all forms of your security system under your smartphone. This means that no matter where you are or whatever time, you can control your complete security system from your phone. Gone are the days when you leave your home or building and without switching on your intruder alarm or CCTV camera. Texecom eliminates this by offer a simple and easy to use system that allows you to switch on your system with no troubles at all.

Texecom Connect Features
Texecom  Intruder Alarms Leading experts in smartphone control
Texecom  Intruder Alarms One of europes biggest manufacturers of independant security systems
Texecom  Intruder Alarms Opening a new world of possibilities within the security world
Products & News
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Texecom unveils Connect at
IFSEC 2016
Introduced at IFSEC 2016, Texecom Connect offers a new world of possibilities for your security systems.
Intruder Alarms Company
Carbon Monoxide sensor with Ricochet Mesh Technology
This new sensor by Texecom, allows for even further protection against carbon Monoxide allowing for a much safer environment.
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